Supporters and Donors





The IAWJ would like to acknowledge the generous donation of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) to support two judges from the Asia-Pacific region to attend the Conference.

In addition, we would also like to thank the following individuals and organisations who have contributed towards the IAWJ Scholarship Fund:

  • Karen Clark, NZ
  • Jan-Marie Doogue, NZ
  • Catriona Doyle, NZ
  • Rebecca Edwards, NZ
  • Marion Frater, NZ
  • Susan Glazebrook, NZ
  • Cheryl Gwyn, NZ
  • Carolyn Henwood, NZ
  • Sarah Katz, NZ
  • La-Verne King, NZ
  • Maree Mackenzie, NZ
  • Bridget Mackintosh, NZ
  • Andrea Manuel, NZ
  • Nicola Mathers, NZ
  • Mary O'Dwyer, NZ
  • Doris Pechkurow, USA
  • Mary Peters, NZ
  • Judith Potter, NZ
  • Powle & Hodson Lawyers, NZ
  • Rainey Collins Lawyers, NZ
  • Sarah Reeves, NZ
  • Marietta Robinson, USA
  • Clare Ryan, NZ
  • Kitty Schild, USA
  • Coral Shaw, NZ
  • Lisa Tremewan, NZ
  • Carolyn Wainwright, NZ
  • Tracey Walker, NZ