Supporters and Donors





The IAWJ would like to acknowledge the generous donation of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) to support two judges from the Asia-Pacific region to attend the Conference. We would also like the thank the Partners of Chapman Tripp for their generous support of functions held last year in Auckland and Wellington to publicise the Conference.

In addition, we would also like to thank the following individuals and organisations who have generously donated funds to support the Conference and to contribute to our scholarship fund:

  • Leslie Alden, USA
  • Judith Chirlin, USA
  • Karen Clark, NZ
  • Jan-Marie Doogue, NZ
  • Catriona Doyle, NZ
  • Rebecca Edwards, NZ
  • Marion Frater, NZ
  • Susan Glazebrook, NZ
  • Geoffrey Graham, Australia
  • Cheryl Gwyn, NZ
  • Carolyn Henwood, NZ
  • Lois Hoeg, Canada
  • Sarah Katz, NZ
  • Charlotte Kelly, Australia
  • La-Verne King, NZ
  • Maree Mackenzie, NZ
  • Bridget Mackintosh, NZ
  • Katie McGinness, Australia
  • Andrea Manuel, NZ
  • Nicola Mathers, NZ
  • Mary O'Dwyer, NZ
  • Mary Peters, NZ
  • Carolyn Phillips, Canada
  • Judith Potter, NZ
  • Powle & Hodson Lawyers, NZ
  • Rainey Collins Lawyers, NZ
  • Sarah Reeves, NZ
  • Marietta Robinson, USA
  • Paula Rosenstein, USA
  • Vanessa Ruiz, USA
  • Clare Ryan, NZ
  • Kitty Schild, USA
  • Coral Shaw, NZ
  • Lisa Tremewan, NZ
  • Carolyn Wainwright, NZ
  • Tracey Walker, NZ

 We have recieved a number of generous donations from donors who wish to remain anonymous. We thank them for their support of the IAWJ and the Conference.

If you would like to make a donation to support the Conference you can do so during registration or  please complete this online form. Payment can be made via credit card or invoice and are made in New Zealand dollars.

Donations to support the conference of any amount are greatly appreciated. Such donations will provide general support for the conference, including contributing to the provision of scholarships to attend the conference. Those donating over $100 will (if they wish) receive official recognition as donors as above.

Donations to support the mission of IAWJ can also be made using the form above.

If you have any queries, please contact us at